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Alvaro Medina Ballester xlasttrainhomex at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 21:52:35 BST 2007

Just a few words. Ubuntu = linux for human beings. Human beings =  
disctint cultures. Disctint cultures = distinct themes. Artwork team,  
start working!.

Have a nice day!


El 19/04/2007, a las 22:46, Troy James Sobotka escribió:

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> Karoliina Salminen wrote:
>> Earthy is very different from where you are coming from. In Finland
>> Earthy would be propably green. Forest everywhere.
> Agree -- one part of the holy trinity of colour design -- Context (In
> what context is the colour presented?), Culture (In what culture is  
> the
> colour presented?), and Time (What are the contemporary design trends
> surrounding the palette?  Are there any exemplary art pieces / designs
> that immediately draw context to a given colour?)
> In general, Context will overrule most of the other issues -- red on
> body parts / meat versus red on a North American Santa, for  
> example.  I
> would hazard a guess that design with some impetus / direction could
> direct the tones.
>> Anyhow, I would love to see something more stylish and less boring in
>> the future in the Ubuntu themes. The current one is not really  
>> totally
>> bad, it is an acceptable compromise, but by no definition it is cool
>> and it does not give much wow-effect for potential new users and for
>> me (after using Ubuntu from times of Warty) it is a bit boring, about
>> as boring as some old MS Windows-look. If compared to competition  
>> though, the
>> situation is not much better there currently, most themes in most
>> distributions tend to be  boring and very conservative.
> Well said.
> 1) Who is our audience?
> 2) What are we communicating?
> Middle grey doesn't cut it.
> *sigh*
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