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Brian White felixruina at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 01:30:44 BST 2007

Now, I'm certainly no expert, so I don't want to claim any expertise on
the subject.  However, I do have two suggestions to add to the
discussion.  First of all, in my experience, I certainly do seem to have
a psychological reaction to certain colors.  I think all of us have
experienced this phenomenon.  However, I don't believe that "good color
design" requires using the same colors all the time for the same effect.
In many ways, I think how one uses the colors is also important.  Now,
I'm not trying to argue that brown is just as "relaxing" as blue--in my
experience, blue tends to be more calming.  However, I would point out
that not every type of blue is calming and relaxing.  For example, the
high contrast of the dark blues and white sprays of a stormy sea are
hardly relaxing.  I think because most of us agree that blue is a nice,
relaxing color, in design we have used it in such a way so as to produce
this effect.  My point is, I wonder if it is not possible to do
something nearly the same with brown--or at least to do it better than
it is being done right now.

My second point is an obvious one, and probably does not bear repeating,
except that it is a bit of my pet-idea right now, which I would love to
see become a pet project.  It seems undeniable that color is largely a
culturally-based phenomenon as far as color psychology goes.  Now, I
know that some colors are more "universal" in their appeal than others,
but let's remember that while to some cultures white represents
cleanliness and purity, in other cultures it is quite the opposite--the
color of death.  In America, blue and black are considered "formal
colors," and we tend to associate stability and truthfulness with blue.
However, in Korea (I work in a Korean church and currently live in Asia,
though I would not want to speak for all Asian peoples), these feelings
have traditionally been associated with pink.

If we're going to argue about the default color scheme, we first need to
decide who the target audience should be.  Also, I think it is important
to take in mind all the different problems associated with deciding on a
good color design and theme--usability is big, but so is branding.

Well, I guess that's all my two cents now.

What I would love to see now are some ideas on how to better implement
the current color scheme, as I think it can be done--I'm just not
artistic enough to know how it should be done. :)

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