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[Sorry, I didn't reply to the list before. I think, now I know what "reply
to all" is for. ;)]

But you dont live in the starbucks. On the other hand, you spend many
> hours every day in front of your computer. The computer is a bit like
> home. It is unlikely that you paint your living room say orange, or
> black.

Mine is orange. =)
Of course it's nearly white, but with a nice orange touch to it. You don't
believe how awesome (and warm!) it looks and feels when the sun comes down
and shines in at a low angle. The room is glowing and blooming.

I'd never paint a wall blue. It would feel cold.

For a desktop design, it depends on the mood. The more stressed I am, the
more I love ubuntu's brown colors (and the current feisty gdm screen and
splash are really good!)
When I'm all happy and energetic, I'm changing my desktop to blue and green.

So certainly there's a lot of psychology involved!

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