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Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 15:26:47 BST 2007

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Vincent Weber wrote:
>> > First of all It's all brown/orange/red. These colours are not really
>> > pleasant/relaxing for you eyes, especially red.

First on a specifically research based approach, this is wrong.

Colours are _culturally_ and _temporally_ rooted in meaning.  Look to
the colours of traditional wedding wear in Japan or different parts of
tribal Africa for examples of cultural meaning.  Look to the tonal
differences between the 60s and 80s pop culture art for temporal examples.

>> > Some suggested Colours: green (wallpaper), blue (buttons), grey/white/a
>> > little brownish (transparant toolbars and transparant windows) and black
>> > (log out/turn off)
>> >

Generally, you use a well designed palette that connotes what you are
attempting to communicate in a particular design.  This is not a random
collection of colours, nor a monochromatic or full spectrum sampling.

Ubuntu currently has no palette and its design is problematic on a
number of levels regarding communication.  That said, unto itself, there
is no problem with a base brown desktop if it fully fleshed out and
properly designed around.

The problems you cite are rooted more largely in the design flounderings
that Ubuntu suffers from rather than the choice of brown as a colour.
Arguably, making the changes you suggest with the same design approach
would yield the exact same problems.

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