[ubuntu-art] Xubuntu Usplash anyone?

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Fri Sep 29 21:12:51 BST 2006

So, mine just has a different progress bar and a smaller spotlight? What 
a coincidence that what I made last Sunday ended up being similar to 
what would soon become the official theme (when I did it, it was still 
0.10, the "Kubuntu Crossout" design)! I might wanna make something with 
a progress bar similar to what Clearlooks 2 (the new default theme on 
Xubuntu, w00t!) has. I just don't think something with a glossy progress 
bar makes sense if the actual theme barely has any gloss in it at all 
(except for the window border). I also might make a similar design for 
Ubuntu too!

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