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effraie effraie at apinc.org
Thu Sep 28 10:51:31 BST 2006

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Hello all

 i've update the page with other panel colors, but it's quite shure the
white is the best.

 The objection about some "theme with black bg and white fg " is
absolutely rignt, but, exept for one of the very contrasted GTK theme,
it never happen whit the default set of theme provided by ubuntu.
I think this is not really blocking, cause, in the rares cases where
this background image not fit the theme, it's not so difficult to right
clic on it to disable the background.

the other issue is, IMHO, not a so big problem, cause, as i just tried
it, if i want to use a vertical panel, i have to create it my self
(right-clic>new panel), and in that case, the default comportement is to
create a new panel whitout any background image. what is a problem in
the first issue, is a solution here.

but, of course, the best solution where to fix the software bugs! we
need to discuss the exact comportement we want, regarding the relation
between GTK theme and background image, vertical panels, new panels...

one more time, i appologize for my poor english, and hope everybody can
understand me.


Who a écrit :
> That effect is very nice,
> In fact, I think it looks even nicer if you ad a 2px white highlight
> ot the bottom of it...
> Unfortunately, I have a few 'buts' to consider
> At the moment, the panel style changes with the GTK style - which is good,
> However, by using an image we stop this from happening, if I now
> select a theme with black bg and white fg the panel image will stay
> and make the panel unreadable,
> Unfortunately, I feel this kind of thing is not viable for inclusion
> in a distro unless:
> we patch the theme manager to remove the image when the theme is
> changed for the first time,
> we pathc the theme manager to allow a theme to specify a panel BG and
> to use nothing if a panel BG is not specified...
> The second is, of course, far preferable...
> The other 'but' is that the panel image will look strange if the panel
> is dragged to a different edge, for example your current panel has a
> black line at the top which may look weird when at the bottom but
> _will_ look weird if the panel is side on.
> Again, this is really a software bug, I guess (is it?) - the panel
> should rotate the image if it is side on, no?
> Sorry to be a killjoy :S,
> There is the option of using the theme engine to apply a style to all
> items on the panel, a theme I made a while back had these lines in it
> that caught all the panel widgtets I tried...
> widget "*PanelWidget*" style "panel"
> widget "*PanelApplet*" style "panel"
> class "*Panel*" style "panel"
> widget_class "*Mail*" style "panel"
> class "*notif*" style "panel"
> class "*Notif*" style "panel"
> class "*Tray*" style "panel"
> class "*tray*" style "panel"
> However, as yet I think the UbuntuLooks engine is unable to draw
> designs for the panel - you would have to use the pixbuff engine to
> get an effect similar to the one in the original post...but even this
> doesn't rotate pixmaps when the panel is side on...
> Who
> On 9/27/06, effraie <effraie at apinc.org> wrote:
> i updated the page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/EffraiePanel
> with a white version
> comments are welcome
> Étienne Bersac a écrit :
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Since Metacity human theme is also brown, a brown panel is the wrong
>>>> choice. The same tile, but white would rock.
>>>> Étienne.
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