[ubuntu-art] Restarting art.ubuntu.com

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Sep 26 18:08:18 BST 2006

In late July the Art Team requested that art.ubuntu.com be shut down so
that it could be replaced with "something better". It's now late
September, and nothing better has actually been delivered, so I think
it's necessary to ask the art team to turn art.ubuntu.com back on so
that the community can actually have an effective place to publish their

I should say that art.ubuntu.com is NOT designed to be the place where
the next set of default themes are developed - that remains the wiki and
this list - but it is a very nice place where artists using Ubuntu can
throw up their own items.

Unless there is a coherent plan to have a next-generation solution in
place for this within the next two weeks, please can we restart

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