[ubuntu-art] Edgy GDM: Evolution from CurrentDefault

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Sat Sep 16 23:12:17 BST 2006

On Sep 15, 2006, at 7:45 PM, Who wrote:
> Darwin would not be very happy with me, as these are not really
> evolutions of the original GDMs but a new species made with Inkscape
> based on the CurrentDefault by troy_s and the Edgy Proposal GDMS I
> made - I have 'CurrentDefaultified' them (with a few exceptions where
> I have kept the old colours...)

Who, great work on those designs. It's good to see you tried to get  
the brightness and colors of the Dapper GDM theme revived. That's  
definitely something we need to shoot for for Edgy. I think the  
layout of the login screen should pretty much be the same as Dapper's  
so we'll probably have to account for a slightly darker bottom bar  
with options and date / time.

GDM-010 is definitely right regarding the overall composition and  
GDM-016 is probably closest regarding the colors. The logo style you  
use is "interesting" for a lack of a more descriptive word, but I  
think the letters and CoF logo can be a bit bigger, making them more  
readable. Maybe tweaking the highlight will take care of this as well.

After that, the biggest task will be carrying over a consistent  
design element (or multiple) from the GDM to the lsplash and  
wallpaper and eventually usplash. I think one description of our goal  
for Edgy is to follow Dapper's lead with a bit more gloss and  
especially consistency across the four pieces of artwork.

I hope we'll see some great designs soon and I'll be sure to more  
elaborately describe our tasks over / right after the weekend. Thanks  
everyone for staying tuned.



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