[ubuntu-art] Edgy GDM: Evolution from CurrentDefault

Jesse Schalken jasperschalken at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 09:38:58 BST 2006

Wow, beautiful!

        I love Who_GDM_015.png. The whole thing contains the bright rich
        caramels and the glossy black logo text that I love and the
        username/password, session and options are drawn into the one
        convenient and cohesive unit!
        I have to say that I prefer the logo and text be kept on the
        outside of the login box as in this GDM, it's not really
        something that should be contained in a box. To me, having it
        inside says 'only this box is Ubuntu' but having it outside says
        'the whole world is Ubuntu'! :D
        I also prefer having the logo and text on the same line as in
        this GDM. It seems to balance things more in both dimensions and
        is also how you would most commonly see the logo and text
        arranged. Having the logo above the text sorta makes it look
        like a stack of stuff (of books! :o), but then again it also
        makes all the elements of the work centered and unified, which
        gives a more cohesive, almost sacrilegious appearance.
        I have to be extremely fussy here, but things that could be
        improved with Who_GDM_015.png might include making the
        background colour a little richer (but that's very debatable, as
        with the text/logo arrangement).
        Also lightening both the shine and the shadow on the black text
        slightly, and making the colours in the logo more contrasting
        would improve the overall balance. All these things work fine
        against the dark backgrounds of the other GDMs, but some slight
        adjustments are needed for the light.
        The 'Session' and 'Options' text should also be moved up a
        little from the edge of the box, maybe halfway between the
        textbox and the edge. Another stylish option for this would be
        to have small buttons that go right to the bottom edge instead
        of just text. Also the rings in the background should definitely
        be centered in relation to the screen.
        Your artwork is very wonderful, and is second only to Jmak's on
        my list :D.

I tried to have a bit of a play in Inkscape earlier, and I'm afraid my
skills are heavily lacking in comparison to the other Ubuntu artists. I
wish I could provide more than constructive critique, but for now it's
just that and making adjustments to other people's art to experiment.

Could you put the source files up for others to feed off? I might like
to have a play myself.

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 20:08 +0200, PingunZ wrote:

> Darwin would not be very happy with me, as these are not really 
> evolutions of the original GDMs but a new species made with Inkscape
> based on the CurrentDefault by troy_s and the Edgy Proposal GDMS I
> made - I have 'CurrentDefaultified' them (with a few exceptions where
> I have kept the old colours...) 
> The reasons behind these changes:
> * Make the logo and text match the style of the Human icons
> * Polish the logo and text
> * Give the glass/overlay for the login box a more polished, glassy
> look - to me more professional 
> * Add 'impact' to the logo and 'ubuntu' text - the eye is drawn to
> them and the drop shadows on later versions make them stand out more
> I don't know how concrete the current designs in Edgy are, I believe
> not very... 
> if people like these then I can try and make a wallpaper, and lsplash
> that derive from Troy's stuff in similar ways
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Specs/EdgyArtworkPlan/Produce/Incoming/WhoDefaultGDMAttempts
> As always, the last ones are the best IMO, maybe I should start
> numbering backwards so you guys don't have to scroll :P 
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