[ubuntu-art] Edgy GDM: Evolution from CurrentDefault

Who mailforwho at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 15 18:45:42 BST 2006

Darwin would not be very happy with me, as these are not really
evolutions of the original GDMs but a new species made with Inkscape
based on the CurrentDefault by troy_s and the Edgy Proposal GDMS I
made - I have 'CurrentDefaultified' them (with a few exceptions where
I have kept the old colours...)

The reasons behind these changes:
* Make the logo and text match the style of the Human icons
* Polish the logo and text
* Give the glass/overlay for the login box a more polished, glassy
look - to me more professional
* Add 'impact' to the logo and 'ubuntu' text - the eye is drawn to
them and the drop shadows on later versions make them stand out more

I don't know how concrete the current designs in Edgy are, I believe not very...

if people like these then I can try and make a wallpaper, and lsplash
that derive from Troy's stuff in similar ways


As always, the last ones are the best IMO, maybe I should start
numbering backwards so you guys don't have to scroll :P

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