[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu panel background proposal

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Sun Sep 10 01:45:05 BST 2006

Álvaro Medina Ballester wrote:
> Hi!!! I'm agree with jmak and Jan, transparent panel makes less
> readable everything but, yes, first impression can be cool. But if we
> put it in Edgy because it's cool we're going very wrong. Let me
> explain some short reasons:
> 1.- First of all, the gnome panel, the 'start' Windows bar, the Finder
> bar and the KDE bar are the unique element that always (or almost
> always) remains in the desktop. You can open 10 apps, later close 5,
> open 2 and finally close all. The panel is always there. It can sound
> silly but it's real. The panel is an element that remains fixed and I
> think that it needs to transmit the idea that is something solid or
> something stable. Everything starts in the panel, you have application
> launchers, clock, etc. It's a very important piece of the desktop, why
> making it look like water or something flimsy? I think that the idea
> of making the panel solid (without transparent looks) can help the
> user to get a better experience and also enhaces the importance of a
> basic piece of gnome.
> 2.- As Petr told us, we have to keep the contrast between the panel
> and the background. How can we do it with a transparent panel?. Making
> it less transparent or giving a special texture like GlassPanel
> proposal. Solutions? It's difficult but making a good texture that
> ensures that all the text or icons are readable could be one. But I
> find that the greatest solution could be the less transparent
> solution. Now I'm looking the GlassPanel and if you have a dark
> background you cannot read the clock or the applications menu, so it
> should work only for light wallpapers. Again, less transparency is
> needed.
> 3.- This is the last point but is simillar to 1st one. Now I'm reading
> some pdf's and I want to read it fullscreen. Now imagine envice (or
> Nautilus or another application), fullscreen view, and gtk and
> metacity look is solid or not transparent but the panel is transparent
> or GlassPanel for example. First of all, if we are trying to integrate
> the panel and the human theme this is not the solution, is completely
> opposite. If the panel is transparent, the window border sould be
> transparent even so the workspace of the app would be the main element
> of the desktop, not the panel as it should be. That was the last one,
> the significance of the panel would be decreased with the transparent
> look.
> 4.- As Jan and others told, transparent looks make less readable
> everything.
> So, I think that the solution is give the panel a similar look to the
> gtk/metacity or compiz theme (of course not transparent). Yes,
> transparent is cool, but I'm sure that you will get tired of it in few
> days. It's cool but not as useful as not transparent look. Also my
> proposal is make the panel look solid or metal according to the 1st
> point I've explained before.
> So I would like to apologize because my english is quite bad and
> explaining this impressions is difficult for me. Sorry, I'm trying to
> improve!!! If you don't understand something please let me know!!!

This was a very clear statement and well written - thank you!

My only addition would be that I would definitely like to see the Panel
look "special" and not just like any other application menu. I agree it
needs to be SOLID, because it is always there, but it needs to look more
attractive than just an app-menu.

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