[ubuntu-art] msikma's Usplash

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Thu Sep 7 14:28:19 BST 2006

Op 7-sep-2006, om 14:47 heeft Troy James Sobotka het volgende  

> 1) Matching the logo curve style with the style that Frank offered
>    up.  It ultimately would need to match the final decisions based
>    on sabdfl's / Frank's direction.  The current curvature does not
>    match any motif / element in the distribution.

The problem is the nature of the logo. It's essentially a torus,  
which means there simply isn't any surface to add the trademark  
curved glossy highlight to. By using only the top part of the logo, I  
have a much larger surface with which to showcase the highlight. I  
feel that perhaps by using the same style that's found in most other  
elements, we might be missing out on the full effect.

I'll try anyway.


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