[ubuntu-art] Usplash for edgy is finished

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Thu Sep 7 13:12:13 BST 2006

Op 7-sep-2006, om 12:43 heeft Dennis Kaarsemaker het volgende  

> The progressbar must be able to be drawn using only square primitives
> and the knowledge of "how full" it is. And no, we can't ship a theme
> that has 300 different converted .png files linked in. It also must be
> able to pulsate. You can of course try to make something more profound
> under these limitations, but I'd suggest keeping it relatively simple.

But using images for specific parts of the progress bar is okay? E.g.  
a gradient or texture for one of those square primitives.

What about the ability to drop the progress bar altogether?


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