[ubuntu-art] Workflow management

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Thu Sep 7 13:08:34 BST 2006

Well, of all content management systems, I'll name the easiest first:


I've never used Plone. MediaWiki is very nice wiki software that  
actually uses a database as opposed to a flat file database (like our  
wiki). It's reasonably fast and feature-rich, and familiar to anyone  
who's used Wikipedia.

There, now that these two have been mentioned, we can begin to  
suggest CMSs for the specific purpose of _artwork_ collaboration. I'm  
sure there are a few!


Op 6-sep-2006, om 18:40 heeft Mark Shuttleworth het volgende geschreven:

> The thread on shifting to the Forums made me think a little about  
> the value of good supporting tools.
> The wiki is absolutely not optimal for a lot of what the artwork  
> team needs to do. For example, there is just no support for  
> revisioning *images* over time. I would like to be able to watch a  
> collaborative "thread" of work, with people publishing their art  
> and being able to review the history of a particular piece. We  
> can't do this in the wiki.
> Does anyone know if there is a free software (or even proprietary!)  
> web based CMS for artwork collaboration?
> Mark
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