[ubuntu-art] A word of thanks to all of you

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Tue Oct 24 22:59:30 BST 2006

Hello artists,

Although it's not officially over for another week, I wanted to step  
forward at this moment and thank all of you amazing artists for being  
around during the Edgy cycle. It's been great fun working with all of  
you and I hope you will all be around for quite some time to come.

I think we did a good job, trying a whole new approach to artwork was  
no small task and although bumpy at times, it was a nice ride with  
lots of remarkable events. We had a lot of momentum at our peak and  
if you look back at the Wiki you can almost see the high water mark  
of our collective artwork wave.

With the closing days of Edgy upon us it's time to look forward to  
Feisty which will bring a wind of change with it. I'd like to ask you  
all to think of and share ways on how to improve from where we are  
now. During Edgy we got a lot of experience with how we act as a team  
and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. It would be great if we  
could build on this experience for Feisty, so I'm looking forward to  
your stories and remarks.

Thanks again for giving me the inspiration and support to do what  
I've done, you're all awesome.

With kind regards,

Frank Schoep

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