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Gianluca Sartori g.sartori at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 17:40:38 BST 2006

Hello, my name i Gianluca Sartori, I'm Italian and I'd like to help somehow
to the design of the Ubuntu Desktop.

I had some previous experience with UserLinux, a project lead by Bruce
Perence. I created the first basic draft arwork for the distrbution. You can
find my work on art.gnome.org under the name of the "Office" Theme. There
are also screenshots of the draft themes I made here:
http://www.userlinux.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Screenshots . I also designed the
paperplane logo you can see there.

My personal website is www.razionale.com even if it's nothing more than a
brief resue of my actual and past working activities.

My background is on Software Development (mainly C++, Java and a little bit
of python), Graphic Design and Teaching various technical stuff but mayinly
OOD and OOP. Actually I'm working as a consultant/team leader and
instructor. Well, that's more or less what I am :)

Now, I think Ubuntu is really a great thing and I really need to thanks all
of you guys for the work you've done cause it's great! :) I'd like to
dedicate some time to this beautiful beast we all care about. I think I
could give my contribution on various aspects but most of all on the desktop
design side.

I'd like to know the state-of the art of the desktop design effort, and the
plans you have. I'm new to your organization so I need a little help tfor
the kick-off. Could someone dedicate me a bit of its time to give a brief
introduction or point me to the right places to read about?

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