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Sun Oct 15 00:53:37 BST 2006

I don't disagree with the fundamental idea here, but I think before
you start diverting people's valuable time with this you need to get
approval and guidelines from Frank and sabdfl - only through those two
can anything be DONE.

People producing artwork based on the guidelines you have layed out
are very unlikely to produce work of a style that will get into the
distro - if you look closely you will notice there have been _huge_
numbers of submissions that do almost exactly what you are suggesting
over the last few weeks (see
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Specs/EdgyArtworkPlan/Polish/Incoming )

For example, over the last week we worked closely with sabdfl to get a
glassy logo that he felt was up to scratch - the results of this are
published on the wiki at


I _do_ really feel strongly about getting new art into Edgy, but I
know that in order to do it we need to work closely with sabdfl and
design things HE approves, not just thinks LIKE what he LIKES - we
have done that already and it wasn't good enough, which is WHY we are
in this situation.


On 10/14/06, Viper550 <gthompson at cogeco.ca> wrote:
> Said wrote:
> > Good idea!
> >
> > I think it will be very bad if Edgy will release with Dapper's
> > artwork.. Users will not see any difference in visual experience
> > (except upstart). I hear: "What's new? It's the same! Nothing new!"
> > from regular people.. I don't want to hear the same thing with Edgy,
> > cause Ubuntu became very good, usable, polish and user-friendly distro.
> >
> > Good luck to all designers, and art workers! Thanks for your work!
> >
> > On 10/14/06, *Viper550* <gthompson at cogeco.ca
> > <mailto:gthompson at cogeco.ca>> wrote:
> >
> >     Mission:
> >     Get fresh artwork in Edgy...that works!
> >
> >     Protocol:
> >     - Repolish up Dapper's artwork so that it looks nicer and redone
> >     - Work in a glossy logo (Jmak's is the best)
> >     - Make a new wallpaper in the style of Breezy and Dapper's wallpapers
> >
> >     This, might just be the only way we can get new artwork in
> >     Edgy...at the
> >     rate we are going
> >
> >     Viper550
> >
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> In order to facilitate this, I have setup a separate wikipage with a
> separate Incoming page with the guidelines and other data.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Specs/EdgyArtworkPlan/OLS
> Please note the new guidelines, we're keeping close to Dapper's
> look/feel, but improving on it with ideas we've brought over from our
> previous phases (such as a glossy logo). If anyone can make us a new
> wallpaper similar in style to Dapper/Breezy's wallpaper, be my guest!
> Viper550
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