[ubuntu-art] Reversion to Dapper Artwork

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Thu Oct 12 17:56:16 BST 2006

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Reverting to Dapper would not be a great outcome - but it would be 
> preferable to shipping with artwork that does not meet our standards. 
> We've invested a huge amount of time and effort in the Edgy art 
> community process, and thus far we don't have a final set of images 
> that IMO cut the mustard. That's not a critique of the capabilities of 
> any of the individual artists, just that we haven't pulled it all 
> together as well as we hoped.
> So. I'm continuing to speak with the AiC and art community members (we 
> have had a series of conference calls in recent days, trying to 
> converge on a good looking result). I hope we can get a set that rocks 
> in place, but I'm not going to delay Edgy for that. I'd rather use it 
> as a learning experience than live with art that I don't think 
> reflects the best of what we can do as a community.
> Mark
In the name of failsafe...


would this do?


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