[ubuntu-art] Please change icon for Evolution's delete, mark as spam, mark as ham.

Nacho de los Rios nachodelosrios at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 16:39:27 BST 2006

As I said in a previous mail, I oppose to the notion that the image of a
shredder clearly conveys the meaning of erasing things, even if it were
a good image of a shredder (the current one looks a lot more like an
unfinished image of a typing machine). Most people in the world have
never used a shredder in their whole life, nor will they ever do, nor do
they really know what it looks like.

As for the use of a crumpled piece of paper as an icon for the action
"mark as spam" I have to argue that

a) It is not a very good image of a crumpled piece of paper. It lacks
contrast and detail, and I think it looks a lot more as an asteroid.

b) the connection of "mark as spam" and crumpling a piece of pacer is
really tenuous, even more when the icon sits beside the also
unidentifiably icon of a shredder trying to mean "delete". I'm sure that
most people that identify the icon for a crumpled piece of paper and not
an asteroid, having failed to identify the shredder with the action
"delete" will think that it is the icon for getting rid of mail after
reading. The concept of spam will surely not enter their (our) minds,
and they will be happy to see mail disappear into the nothingness after
clicking on the icon.

Then of course, they will be baffled by the concept of a "delete" icon
with a red cross on top. What does it mean? Do not erase? No more
meteorites? And why is it gray?

I cannot, for the life of me, think of an icon to convey the meaning of
"SPAM", but, as it is a neologism with no previous meaning and
representing a brand new concept in any language (the word "spam" is not
one of the 70,000 entries in my Collins dictionary), I propose the
letters 'S' 'P' 'A' 'M' on top of a trashcan, or all by themselves. As
for ham, I propose the same letters, only scratched out with a line.

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