[ubuntu-art] feedback - Nautilus stop icon - X vs. cross

Andreas Haller andreashaller at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 01:40:03 BST 2006

i just tried the daily live-cd of edgy and once thing i noticed was
the stop-icon in nautilus - it just caught my eye and i had to look at
it everytime i opened a nautilus-window..
The stop-icon has a X on it. Not a cross, like the stop-icon of the
default tango or gnome theme or the default stop-icon in firefox.
Instead there is the letter X, which has a smaller angle at the top
and the bottom of the "cross" and is "cut-away" at the top and the
bottom. Why that? Its ok with me, but i have to ask why.

Visually, using the narrower X, instead of a "round" cross, the icon
looks a bit... higher or stretched. And i thing that stretched look
caught my eye.


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