[ubuntu-art] OrnSoda, new feisty theme

sittisal sittisal at solira.org
Wed Nov 22 10:04:54 GMT 2006

Il giorno mer, 22/11/2006 alle 09.32 +0100, iacopo masi ha scritto:
>         i love it. i'm not a designer, so i feel a bit of apprehension
>         about
>         criticizing... but i, personally, don't like the stripes in
>         the 
>         menu-select and the status bars. also, the scroll bars bother
>         me. but
>         details details.....
> what about the replacement of stripes in the menu and scrollbar? if
> you don't like it we can think to mix the engines  in the gtkrc files.
> To have as base the murrine one, but some details that in murrina are
> not good (for you) render by another engines, i.e. ubuntulooks.

With that kind of stripes, menu become less readable.
Something like this is better:
It's the "fancy" version of Human Murrina.
Great look and good taskbar background (it clear icons and font


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