[ubuntu-art] Firefox theme set Debian package testing

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Thu May 11 12:16:53 BST 2006

Hello everyone,

After reading up on Debian package creation and thanks to Ian Jackson for the 
extra motivation, I've been able to create a binary package of the Firefox 
themes myself. Now that I know all about "control", "md5sums", "postinst" and 
"prerm" files I feel very confident that this package should work perfectly 
on anyone's Dapper installation.

The package installs the Firefox themes in the shared /usr/lib/firefox 
directory and sets Human as the default theme for first runs. On 
deinstallation, it reverts the theme to what you had selected previously.

I'd want to ask you all to download, install and test the package. This will 
take only five minutes but it helps me tremendously to know whether or not 
I've made any mistakes.

So, for step one, download this file (location will probably change in the 
future, also watch out for wrapping):

After downloading, install it using your favourite package manager, then 
(re)start Firefox and check the "Themes" dialog to see if the three themes 
are listed. Try out one or more of them.

Then, create a new user account and log into it, start Firefox and check if 
the theme is "Human". If so, that's great and let me know! If not, let me 
know too!

When you're done, you can uninstall firefox-themes-ubuntu and all files and 
configuration will be reverted. Thanks for testing.

With kind regards,

Frank Schoep

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