[ubuntu-art] New icons

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 5 19:30:22 GMT 2006

Nick Burman wrote:
> IE has always been problematic, mainly because it's such an old 
> browser. Hopefully with Vista coming out soon, MS might be updating 
> their browser to be more compliant. You're right tho - it's a CSS 
> issue, usually related to the way it handles margins/borders/padding. 
> The only way I've managed to make sites happy on IE and Mozilla AND 
> Safari is trial and error. Once you have the positioning right it will 
> be fine. I would suggest working from course to fine by making sure 
> the DIV tags all line up, then drop in content.
> I hope this helps.
Hi Nick,

Thanks. I did some googling on IE bugs, which helped. It was indeed an 
IE frame overflow bug issue triggered by the images in the side menu. 
Fortunately there is another IE bug in CSS parsing that can be used to 
work around it ;)  It should all be working now.

- Henrik

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