[ubuntu-art] Appointment of AIC's for Edgy

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Mon Jun 26 21:03:14 BST 2006


Based on conversations on this list, as well as meetings and interviews,
I would like to announce the appointment of Frank Schoep (Ubuntu) and
Ken Wimer (Kubuntu) as "Artists in Chief" for Edgy Eft. They report to
me, in the sense that I will approve their high level direction, but
they have authority to decide the final images selected for:

 - usplash
 - login background
 - login splash
 - desktop wallpaper

They will also lead the work tweaking icons, widgets and window manager
decorations for the default theme in both distros. In the case of
Ubuntu, Human will remain the default theme for Edgy, and in the case of
Kubuntu Ken and I have yet to confirm a direction.

In addition, they will liaise with Jane Silber of Canonical in the
design of any packaging for Edgy Eft. Note that we will probably
continue to ship *dapper* CD's through the Edgy release (given that
Dapper is our long term supported release) but the Edgy packaging
artwork will be used for Edgy DVD's on Amazon.

These appointments are for Edgy, and we will select new AIC's for Edgy+1.

The positions are part-time work funded by Canonical. The AIC's will be
the primary interface between the art and distro development team, they
will attend distro meetings and will be able to oversee packaging.

The AIC's will also lead the "theme teams" for the default themes. In
addition to the default themes, we will create "theme teams" for
additional themes that may or may not make it into the final release of

We are in the process of selecting an Art Council that will be appointed
by the Ubuntu Community Council. The Art Council will decide which theme
teams we will encourage new art team members to contribute to ( in other
words, the "leading candidates for inclusion"). The decision as to which
themes will ACTUALLY be included will be deferred until we are closer to
release, with a good idea of how complete and polished the themes will
be. We will aim to have a selection of themes that meet a variety of
requirements in terms of palette, accessibility, and speed.

I did intend to get the Art Council in place before making this
announcement, but given that Edgy is such a short cycle we need to
unleash the AIC's right away.

Please join me in congratulating Frank and Ken on this appointment!

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