[ubuntu-art] Quick Update

Kenneth Wimer ken at oxygen-icons.org
Sun Jun 25 23:47:04 BST 2006

On Jun 26, 2006, at 12:36 AM, Viper550 wrote:

> Kenneth Wimer wrote:


>> The cycle for edgy is well underway, and due to the later release  
>> of Dapper a few months shorter than expected. This fact alone is  
>> enough for one to come to the opinion that we should fix what is  
>> there rather than start with a whole new set of problems (which we  
>> first have to discover, document, etc. before we can even fix them).
>> Bye,
>> Kenneth
> This should be interesting, I'll be working my new theme proposal so
> that it still works good with the Human icon set (would Silver,  
> Orange,
> and Green work better than Cyan?)

Generally speaking I think that avoiding blue tones is best, due to  
branding issues (Ubuntu has a red, orange, yellow palette while  
kubuntu has a dark blue, blue, cyan palette). Whether or not you  
should change your stuff to Silver, Orange and Green is up to you but  
I would seriously think about avoiding the two projects which fall  
under one bigger project using the same colors. If it does not simply  
cause confusion it will create direct competition which is even worse.


P.S. If it were up to me, Kubuntu would be purple. Artistically  
speaking, it would look nicer in combination with the Ubuntu colors,  

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