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j Mak joz_mak at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 19 02:42:49 BST 2006

Niel Drummond <niel at cyanescent.co.uk> wrote: On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 13:57:19 -0700 (PDT)
j Mak  wrote:
> The only problem could be that if you make the various flavors
> uniform across the board you deprive them to develop their own
> identities. You may end up like in fedora where the kde destop was
> gnome-ized so much that the kde look and feel completely lost. This
> may create a cross platform boredom.

good point. We need more of this kind of discussion. We also need
to get the Xubuntu + Kubuntu + Edubuntu artwork teams communicating
with us... 

I've had a brief look over their wiki pages, (their artwork sections
are more substantial than ours, embarrassingly enough). For example,
Kubuntu want to break off into a "theme" of their own:


anyway, it's worth looking at what they're doing:



- Niel


Actually, I made the xubuntu artwork for dapper. 
And hopefully will be able to continue improving it for edgy. 
I personally agree with the kde people that it is 
a good idea to chart a distinctive look for all ubuntu flavors.

J. Mak


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