[ubuntu-art] Colour palette suggestions

Niel Drummond niel at cyanescent.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 23:31:00 BST 2006

well I didn't much like the hodge podge of new theme ideas scattered
around https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtworkTeam/Drafts/ so I created another
page, in an effort to reduce the clutter.

The new page is here:


It uses an 'inline colour swatch wiki markup', so I am hoping less
people will simply "dump" a few words about their ideas, without
contributing anything concrete for the other members of the team.

I am also hoping it will be easy enough for regular users to potentially
contribute their own ideas (as I remember this was mentioned as an idea
earlier in the message archives).

So please contribute: if you have a favourite wallpaper, then you have
no excuse. Any improvements on the page are also welcome.  

Kind Regards

- Niel Drummond
PS There is some code behind it, which I will post if anyone is

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