[ubuntu-art] Art and the membership process

Who mailforwho at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 15 10:06:00 BST 2006

On 6/14/06, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at canonical.com> wrote:
>  This is a proposal to create a "formal art team", as opposed to the
> informal art volunteer and participant. Membership in the formal art team
> would be granted in recognition of a substantial and sustained contribution
> to any aspect of the art in Ubuntu, and would automatically convey
> membership in the broader Ubuntu project.
>  By way of background, I will describe the concept of "membership in
> Ubuntu". The project is open to members who make a "substantial and
> sustained" contribution to the project, in any form and in any field. That
> includes art, of course. Generally, membership is granted after someone
> comes to a community council meeting and describes what they have done for
> the project over the past couple of months.
>  The community council has agreed to recognise broader structures and
> delegate the ability to recognise membership to those structures. So, for
> example, if you are accepted into the core dev team or MOTU now, you are
> automatically a member. The community council will do this where it believes
> there is a strong leadership or governance of the extended team or
> structure, so that the guidelines of membership are properly respected even
> where membership is granted through a specialist team.
>  So what does this mean for the art team?
>  It means that if we are able to create a "well governed team", which only
> accepts members after they have proven their ability and commitment, then
> the community council would delegate the ability to grant membership in
> Ubuntu to that team. The team would need to report to the CC every two weeks
> on new members so that we can keep a good sense of how the project is
> growing.
>  What does it mean in practice?
>  It would mean that the art-team in Launchpad would become a part of the
> ubuntumembers team. Members of the art team would automatically get to vote
> in CC resolutions put to all Ubuntu members, and confirmations of new
> appointments to the CC etc. We can't do this unless we can confidently say
> that people will get fair treatment, that the team will be run in the best
> spirit of Ubuntu with reliable reporting to the CC.
>  Mark

Seems like a great idea.

Will we start 'blank slate' and build a membership over the months
leading up until Breezy, or will we take current active members asa
'base team'?

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