[ubuntu-art] Art and the membership process

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Wed Jun 14 14:20:48 BST 2006

This is a proposal to create a "formal art team", as opposed to the
informal art volunteer and participant. Membership in the formal art
team would be granted in recognition of a substantial and sustained
contribution to any aspect of the art in Ubuntu, and would automatically
convey membership in the broader Ubuntu project.

By way of background, I will describe the concept of "membership in
Ubuntu". The project is open to members who make a "substantial and
sustained" contribution to the project, in any form and in any field.
That includes art, of course. Generally, membership is granted after
someone comes to a community council meeting and describes what they
have done for the project over the past couple of months.

The community council has agreed to recognise broader structures and
delegate the ability to recognise membership to those structures. So,
for example, if you are accepted into the core dev team or MOTU now, you
are automatically a member. The community council will do this where it
believes there is a strong leadership or governance of the extended team
or structure, so that the guidelines of membership are properly
respected even where membership is granted through a specialist team.

So what does this mean for the art team?

It means that if we are able to create a "well governed team", which
only accepts members after they have proven their ability and
commitment, then the community council would delegate the ability to
grant membership in Ubuntu to that team. The team would need to report
to the CC every two weeks on new members so that we can keep a good
sense of how the project is growing.

What does it mean in practice?

It would mean that the art-team in Launchpad would become a part of the
ubuntumembers team. Members of the art team would automatically get to
vote in CC resolutions put to all Ubuntu members, and confirmations of
new appointments to the CC etc. We can't do this unless we can
confidently say that people will get fair treatment, that the team will
be run in the best spirit of Ubuntu with reliable reporting to the CC.

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