[ubuntu-art] A request

Michiel Sikma omega at avalanchestudios.net
Mon Jun 12 07:22:42 BST 2006

Billy wrote:
> That pretty much sums it up for me. Doesn't matter if you make it in PS 
> or AI in a particular format. Doesn't belong in linux, and it's a shame 
> if it ends up here. I have AI, PS, and many others, but I won't buy them 
> anymore and I do not use them to make anything that ends up on your 
> linux desktop, heck I don't even use them anymore. I don't care if you 
> use it, as long as the art stays on the other platform. You call it 
> condemnation, but I call it common sense. If money was pumped into 
> Human, it would have gone a lot farther if put into inkscape and the 
> gimp while allowing tangerine to be the default ;) "Hey those icons look 
> great!"..."but they were made with PS on a mac", is absolutely silly. 
> Keep it in the family or take it somewhere else :D Wha?...ashamed of 
> your great OS?

I don't think that it "doesn't belong" in Linux. It's not a sin to use 
proprietary software, nor is it a sin to work on Linux with different 
operating systems. It's not like icons made on a Mac or Windows PC are 
stolen wares or negatively connotated in any way. They're just icons.

Myself, I'm simply a designer who's used to using Adobe's products, like 
most others in this profession. I contribute to Ubuntu in my spare time, 
and if I had to try and learn GIMP or Inkscape, I wouldn't have any time 
left to contribute. And what are the real advantages of switching to 
either of those programs? It won't make my art any better, but it will 
make some people feel better, even though the users of the software 
largely will not care or even know.

I'm thankful, however, that a lot of people have responded to this by 
saying that they're okay with the usage of proprietary software. I just 
wanted to make sure that this list won't actively discourage users to 
contribute if they do. It's actually this reason why I haven't started 
contributing to Ubuntu since around the Hoary cycle. I just didn't feel 
like I belonged in what seemed to be a small and strict community.


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