[ubuntu-art] DEV CYCLE: TARGETS

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 15:41:03 BST 2006


Targets for Edgy:

*  USplash
*  GDM Logon
*  GDM Splash
*  GNOME Wallpaper
*  Window Color / Theme
  * GTK Theme (probably incremental improvements on Human)
  * KDE Theme that integrates well with the GTK Theme
  * Panel background image
*  Mouse Cursors
*  Selective Icons
     Icons are a massive undertaking, but I believe
     that Frank has highlighted some good areas that
     we could get minor adjustments in for a more
     cohesive look and feel.
  * Same icons for KDE and Gnome to increase cohesiveness
  * Get additional icon themes included
    * Themed icons for sports / space / etc.  Use existing
      community developed selection possibly.

*  Marketing artwork for DocumentTeam CD / DVD sleeves.
*  Marketing pre-release teasers.  Synced to monthly releases.
     Possible wallpapers / GDM splash for each monthly release?


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