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Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sat Jun 10 05:22:08 BST 2006

On Fri, 2006-06-09 at 13:15 +0200, Étienne Bersac wrote:
> Hello,
> Before Edgy cycle, we have the time and the ability to deeply rework our
> wiki architecture, including breaking Google cache, however we should
> avoid that.
> I suggest :
>       * Gather Artwork and ArtworkTeam into Artwork.
>       * Rename ArtworkTeam/People to Artwork/Team.
>       * Move Meetings to Artwork/Team.
>       * Gather Meetings résumé in Artwork/Team/Meetings/
>       * Move Agenda in Artwork/Team/Meetings.
>       * Create a GetInvolved page, maybe in Artwork/Team/ or just put it
>         on Artwork !
>       * Create WartyWartHog, HoaryHedgeHog, BreezyBadger, DapperDrake
>         and EdgyEft that contain reviews for released version and drafts
>         for current developpement version.
>       * Move Documentation on top of Artwork/
>       * Drop non Artwork Howtos, e.g. IRC Howto must be a standalone
>         page : IRCHowto or XChatHowto or GaimHowto.
>       * Create Artwork/Drafts for temporary document that should move to
>         Documentation or other
>       * Create Artwork/Propositions
>       * Create Artwork/Evaluations for us to compare Propositions. That
>         might be Artwork/Team only.
>       * Make a beautiful template. ArtworkTeam/PageTemplate is quite
>         good.
> How should we handle Drafts, Evaluations, Propositions and Reviews ? Is
> that all the same ? AFAIK :
>       * Drafts are temporary
>       * Evaluations should remains because there might be useful later.
>         The same apply to Propositions
>       * Reviews must remains

I think we might be able to condense Propositions and Drafts into one
page, personally. We'll see how it progesses.

> We must actually define what we work on. We need a page or a bunch of
> pages that define each part of Ubuntu artwork and document the way we
> have to work with it. e.g. a page for BootSplash theme pointing to a
> documentation for USplash theming. I start writing a kind of definition
> of our work in WideTheme.
> We must define what we want to expose at our main Artwork page. I
> suggest :
>       * Ubuntu Artwork Goals.
>       * Who address those goals

Definitely. This is something that must be sorted out right after the
goals and should be done in the IRC meeting. Get people who are
interested in working on a, b and c to put themselves forth and then
assign themselves to that goal/task. :)

>       * Getting Involved. Artwork Wiki Guidelines
>       * Various Links : other ArtworkTeam, Official artwork, Licensing
>         etc.
> I can do a lot of this work, but i don't want do to it without your
> agree. So please just say : "ok" or "ok but this and that", etc.

You rock. If you need any assistance give us a buzz and we'll be happy
to help.

In the meantime I'll see to it that the meeting we have been discussing
recently get's organised. :)

> Étienne.
> -- 
> Verso l'Alto !


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