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Suzan webmistress at suzansworld.com
Fri Jun 9 13:45:37 BST 2006

Hi Chris!

Chris schrieb:
> it'd be good for this to be the new colour scheme.
> good work ... although something more abstract will probably be wanted
> for the final release. I can't see this being as universally
> appreciated as a desktop background as, say, the warty wallpaper or
> any of the apple OS ones.
Oh... I'v never thougt, it will be the "default" edgy wallpaper. ;-) I 
think, not everyone is a fan of comics/figures, etc. I is a proposal for 
yet another wall paper, not the default.

> anyway, hope this helps
> chris
> (p.s. being new here, i'm not sure how to submit messages into the
> thread, only to the individual email addys, can you help? thanks a
> lot!)

If you want send a Mail to the Ubuntu-Art-List, send your Mail to the 
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You can do that easily, if you klick in your mail-programm "answer all" 
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