[ubuntu-art] Calendar (and other organization)

Michiel Sikma omega at avalanchestudios.net
Tue Jun 6 09:07:14 BST 2006

I'm not sure if the art team already has a sort of calendar, but I  
think that it would be extremely useful if we were to have one. I see  
that Google has released information on their Google Calendar API -  
http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/calendar.html - which might be the  
best way to keep a calendar updated for all of us. A few could  
actually use Google Calendar account to keep it updated while the  
rest could view a simple HTML page that's generated using this API's  
protocol, without having to actually have an account.

Wouldn't it also be useful if we were to get a domain name for the  
Artwork Team wiki? I'm not exactly sure how domains are set up, but  
it would surely be possible to have a domain redirect to any  
arbitrary page on a site, right? Maybe http://ubuntu-artwork.org/  
would be nice. We could also set up e-mail redirects that way.


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