[ubuntu-art] Ahh, I think you forgot something...?

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Sat Jun 3 13:32:26 BST 2006

Am Samstag, den 03.06.2006, 13:17 +0200 schrieb Mikkel Kamstrup

> That seems like a bit overkill to me. A slight artwork inconsistency
> is hardly a showstopper. Maybe an update in the repos, but that might
> be overkill too imho...
just to outline this overkill a bit, changing the gfxboot image means
that the distro team has to do regression testing with *all* iso images
and *all* install variants, a usual kubuntu, or ubuntu install takes
30-45min, a server install 15-30min, an edubuntu install 1-1.5h.
all flavors have a desktop and an alternate CD the alternate CD has
various install flavors that all need to be tested separately, all are
shipped for at least 3 architectures.

only for the ubuntu CD that means 18 install variants for 3
architectures, which makes 54 installs for only ubuntu. 16 variants for
3 architectures for kubuntu, which makes 48 installs for kubuntu.
3 variants for 4 architectures for ubuntu server (12 installs).
15 variants for edubuntu on 3 arches (45 installs)

that makes a total of 159 test installs (and note not every developer
has all 3 arches available). so if we assume an average of 1h per
install, changing the gfxboot and usplash screen would burn about 160
manhours which we lose from the time we have for edgy development.

that might show why point release CDs are not a good idea unless you
have developers that sit around twiddling thumbs all day ;)

we'd do that for very serious bugs indeed ... but they'd have to be
serious enough to justify such an effort.

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