[ubuntu-art] That's a wrap everyone!

Julian Oliver julian at selectparks.net
Thu Jun 1 14:04:03 BST 2006

..on Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 02:26:29PM +0200, Michiel Sikma wrote:
> I don't think that's a very good idea. We need to select a theme  
> based on good discussion about the propositions in which we provide  
> good arguments. We're all graphic designers, so we know what  
> usability means and what visual identification is all about. At the  
> risk of sounding elitist, I really don't think it's a good idea to  
> let the community get that involved in our work.

that's treading down a dangerous and foolish path. 

a designer that doesn't listen to their audience is in danger of
obsolence through self-rarification.

Ubuntu and it's software is for the user. therefore, as a useability target, 
their opinions must be configured within the design process; it is only logical 
that they have influence over the end product, if only on the level they provide 
a rich (and potentially diverse) pool of critique.

Apple, for instance, has really messed up there, by coming up with an
Empirical model of Useability that simply doesn't work across the board.
tooth and nail they fight for that broken helper app called the Finder yet
their _users_ beg for them to replace it with something that actually
works (ever counted the mouse clicks it takes to perform the
same/similar task across OSX and Ubuntu?).

Microsoft, on the other hand, hasn't listened to their users whatsoever.

Ubuntu is in an ideal position to break this design hegemony and
actively configure user opinion within the design process.

> All the times I've tried to get people who don't really know much  
> about designing get involved with any work, whether it's print, web  
> or art, I've been let down because even though you'd expect those  
> people to be able to give a fully unbiased review from an outsider's  
> point of view, they really just will either approve or disprove of  
> whatever you've made based on ridiculous criteria.

people don't have to know about semiotics and colour theory to know what
they like to use/look at day in, day out. 

i support the idea for creating a user-->designer feedback stream, 
if only as a valuable (even necessary) point of reference.


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