[ubuntu-art] Artwork sizes and specs

Chuck Huber chuck at lagunadata.com
Thu Jul 20 20:37:58 BST 2006

Hi everyone,
where would I find detailed specs for artwork reqs?

For instance, is there required size for the login splash?  If so where
would we find this information?  On the spec page under 'Design' it
mentions that the glassy look will carry forward but does not mention
whether general size and shape should as well.  

I also noticed that there is a spec for ChangeLoginImage.  I guess
that's the page for a new GDM theme.  I wonder if we should change the
name to incorporate GDM to make finding it easier.  I think it would
also benefit by the addition of a few design details such as those
presented on the ChangeDesktopWallpapers page.

If in fact this is posted elsewhere, sorry for the disruption. :p
Chuck Huber <chuck at lagunadata.com>

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