[ubuntu-art] new wiki page

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Tue Jul 18 22:39:00 BST 2006

Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Yeah, I am beating my head against the wiki door :-) eventually I will 
> even like it!
> Here is a page that made with some interesting ideas for edgy...
> http://wiki.kubuntu.org/Artwork/Incoming/Kubuntu-Edgy-Ideas
> Have fun! Feel free to edit that page and add your own stuff (changing 
> the introduction, of course to add your ideas).
> Bye,
> Ken
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You know originally when one of the test builds of Dapper had a Purple 
color scheme, I actually complained on this mailing list about it. I'm 
currently working on a new look and feel for Ubuntu, and I will provide 
a screenshot shortly after I get the kinks out of it for showing...


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