[ubuntu-art] PROPOSALS

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 21:22:46 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-13-07 at 22:15 +0200, Niklas Weidel wrote:
> Regarding Niel's work on logoproposal, I would say that the top left
> one has the best lighting - if it could be centered just a tiny bit so
> the last "u" has the same shade as the first. When one edge of a text
> like that is darker it offcenters it. 

We are working together on banging out the glitches.  Frank will
probably get into touch with Niel regarding lighting meshes for
some of the concerns I had.  The lighting issues will be resolved
once we get some of the extrusion issues etc solved.

Again though, the basic PoP approach is being met.  The more
people worry about proposal ideas and less about polished finishes
the better at this point.  This means loose.

We already now have a good foundation for the loose textures we
need to go with (via Frank's email on Ponder), so we all should
be building on it.


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