[ubuntu-art] SUMISSIONS: Reminder 2 of 3 for Art Council

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 06:00:19 BST 2006

If you would like to become a member of the extremely
important "Art Council" for the Ubuntu project, please
take note.  This is your second of three reminders.

 * Who should apply?  
   Anyone interested in the overall
   governance of "Art" in the Ubuntu project.

 * How to apply?  
   Submit via resume / cv to this email address.
 * Who will decide?
   The Community Council.

 * What will a member of the "Art Council" be
   responsible for?
   - Recognition of substantial contributors with 
     membership in Ubuntu.
   - Handling of disputes, following the Code of Conduct, 
     within the art community.
   - Setting up of processes and structures in conjunction
     with the CC.
   - Critical artwork based decisions such as non-default 
     but included themes and wallpapers" in a given release.
   - Be a proud and positive force in the Ubuntu artwork

 * I am a professional or someone with limited time,
   will I be expected to participate on a time intensive
   No.  The Community Council wants to establish a solid
   foundation for artistic leadership.  The role carries 
   responsibility for the health of the artwork portion of 
   the community.  This is in much the same way that the CC 
   carries responsibility for the overall health of the Ubuntu 
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