[ubuntu-art] Artwork specs for Edgy

Kenneth Wimer ken at oxygen-icons.org
Tue Jul 4 12:28:32 BST 2006


On Jul 4, 2006, at 12:02 PM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

> Could you add an overall "edgy-artwork" spec, which depends on each  
> of the specific targets? Also, I think its important to rename the  
> specs to "edgy-ubuntu-usplash", "edgy-kubuntu-login-screen" etc  
> rather than "ubuntu-art-foo", because we will want new specs for  
> edgy+1.

I'll add the overall spec and change the names of the existing ones  
but there is one thing I would like to suggest: could we keep the  
word "art" (or some other unique identifier)? It makes it much easier  
to search for all art related specs.

So it would be "edgy-ubuntu-usplash-art" which is kinda long, but  
helps artists who do not know the name of the packages find things.


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