[ubuntu-art] Minutes of the meeting held on the 30th Dec. 2005

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Tue Jan 3 13:06:47 GMT 2006

Meeting minutes of 30th Dec. 2005 Artwork meeting.


* Yetzero is Luis Santander
* lukacu is Luka Cehovin
* libervisco is Danijel Orsolic
* lllmanulll is Manu Cornet
* bachler is ...
* Viper550 is ...
* libervisco is Danijel Orsolic
* artnay is Jiri Grönroos
* Riddell is Jonathan Riddell
* mhz is Mauricio Hermandez Z.
* volvoguy is Aaron Waite
* ptomes is ...
* lguerra is ...
* nomed is ...
* Gnobdy is ...

Apologies for those names I am missing. I could not locate them. Maybe at the 
start of the next meeting an introduction round might be good (ie. where 
people post "/me is firstname lastname").

We decided to work backwards through the makeshift agenda page we had, which 
is our current to-do list [1] composed primarily by Jiri Grönroos (artnay), 
and eventually (about 30+ minutes into the meeting) began to make progress on 
some very important organisational issues, albeit the chaotic start.

The Wiki
As from the list, we discussed the wiki first. Jiri's proposal is to unify the 
art pages of the wiki. Right now we have different pages for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, 
Xubuntu and Edubuntu artwork, each differently named with nothing concise and 
standardised. We've decided to change this by creating a central /Artwork 
page, under which respectively we will have the various sections for the 
different flavours of Ubuntu as well as some unified sections, such as recent 
news, meeting notes, meeting times, and such. The different flavours of 
Ubuntu would have their sub-sections as follows:


We may even, as time passes add an additional /Artwork/GeneralArtwork page. 
So, to summarise both the above and the Subcategories section of our to-do 
list [1]: (please note it might change as we edit it, with additional 
sections added as necessary)

 - Artwork Introduction (currently "/ArtworkTeamIntroduction")
	/UbuntuArtwork - Ubuntu artwork
	/KubuntuArtwork - Kubuntu artwork
	/EdubuntuArtwork - Edubuntu artwork
	/XubuntuArtwork  - Xubuntu artwork
 -  FAQ: one for everything
 - Resources (currently "/ArtworkTeamTools"
 - Licensing: one for everything 
 - Contact/The Team: (currently "/ArtworkTeam" - updated, please read and add 
your details)
 - Miscellaneous

We generally agreed to get this organised as soon as possible and Mauricio 
Hernandez Z. (mhz), Jiri Grönroos (artnay) and Pascal Klein (klepas) stepped 
forth to make the applicable changes.

# This layout for the wiki is still being discussed [3].

The Mailing List
After the suggestion of Mauricio, via his mail on the mailing list [2] we have 
agreed to not attach files to mails sent to the mailing list for sharing 
artwork but rather to upload anything to the wiki, under your personal pages 
("/FirstnameLastName/Artwork" for example) where it is much easier to 
collaborate comments and critique, plus it makes it nicer to browse the 
mailing list email, especially for those on modem connections.

The IRC Channel
Although there was a (respectively) large attendance for the art meeting there 
will probably not be an increasing number of people using #ubuntu-artwork. 
This is nothing drastic, and so long as it doesn't go down, this is fine. 
Personally I think now that we have gotten ourselves somewhat more organised, 
those who already use the channel will be able to make use of it more now and 
thus general activity would increase even if the number of people in it 
didn't. This is not a big issue, but was on the list so we quickly covered 

We also discussed the issue of art.ubuntu.com, which currently uses the 
art-web CMS system, written in Ruby. Usage problems, complaints and general 
lack of use have prompted a discussion about this topic and we have decided 
that the attendees of the meeting who have administration rights to AUC will 
come back at one of the next meetings and discuss in detail some of the 
problems and maybe even some proposals on fixing up AUC. These people are

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtworkTodoProposal
[2] http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2005-December/000477.html
[3] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtWorkWikiStructureProposal

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