[ubuntu-art] I made a backie

Manu Cornet lmanul at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 23 20:28:16 GMT 2006

Hi !

> > I made a background in Blender. If someone thinks it's worth something I
> > can give you .tga's. 

> Also, the circle logo is quite bright comparing to the other tones. 
> Would it be worth trying one with just the text? 

Or maybe with a lighter brown just for the logo (instead of the three
colors), or maybe even with the same brown as the title ?

The fact that this is made with Blender, but that the 3D is just very
lightly noticeable is really nice and subtle. I've always thought that
"I have power, but I don't need to show it off by actually using it" is
a great principle :)

Anyway, I think your wallpaper is really great, you should definitely
post it on art.ubuntu.com !


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