[ubuntu-art] 2nd screenshot

Sven Jaborek sven.lug-dorsten at gmx.de
Sun Feb 5 18:10:56 GMT 2006


without any idea how windows get drawn on your desktop its nearly
impossible to build something more than a mockup.
Perhaps you should take a look how themes are build at the moment, take
one and look at its content - there is more code inside than you
possibly thought it would.

Anyway, i dont see any window on your mockup and everything is very
transparent. To much transparent i think because contrast is not good
enough. Black fonts on the transparent background are not readable. You
are lucky that "Documents" is over the horizon and not under, in the

You did not explain what the idea's are, for example look at this one,
witch has a chance to get implemented some day from the technical point
of view:

regards, Sven

Am Freitag, den 03.02.2006, 21:48 +0600 schrieb Ravindu Hanwella:
> Well i am good only in graphics and visualizing. I have no idea bout  
> how system goes on and how hardware running. anyway it's up to you to  
> tell me what should be changed. thanks!!! cheers
> Ravindu

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