[ubuntu-art] Example Content

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 9 17:24:48 GMT 2006

Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> I'd like to help with this but am at a little shortage of time. I'm 
> hoping this weekend will yield a few spare minutes, but don't count on 
> it yet.
Cool, thanks Matthew I already know from our time designing the website 
last year that your work is just the sort of high quality we need ;)
> As far as numerical data is concerned, I was thinking of doing 
> something like this along with a related presentation:
> Plot data showing linux adoption trends over the last few years. At 
> first I thought it would be interesting to show some data from 
> distrowatch that demonstrated the rising popularity of Ubuntu as 
> compared to other linux distros, but i feel that would present a poor 
> image to new Linux users (since it seems to show competition amongst 
> the linux community).
I actually tried this already. You can quite easily get the distrowatch 
numbers from the last year at http://distrowatch.com/text/newhpd.csv but 
at that time Ubuntu was already #1, so the curve doesn't look that 
impressive :) We would need one that started at 0. (but I also agree 
with your point on competitiveness).
> The related presentation that I was envisioning would be a "PR" 
> feeling document that would explain why people like Linux so much, 
> some of the great things that make Linux unique and then show adoption 
> trends with a graph from the spreadsheet.

- Henrik

ps. I've dropped ubuntu-doc from the CC list, as this isn't really 
documentation related anymore.

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