[ubuntu-art] Champagne Supernova

Alvaro Medina Ballester xlasttrainhomex at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 20:06:40 GMT 2006

Hello everyone! Reading that F. Schoep leaves Artwok List makes me  
sad. Many times I wrote that we are not paying human computer  
interaction (HCI)  the attention that needs to and we don't have  
clear goals to work for. Again, it's the same discussion.

A few days ago I was describing to a friend how easy is to install  
apps on Mac OS X and we arrived to a clear conclusion, as Ubuntu  
users we are, we know that Ubuntu is a distro oriented to users, so  
why is so hard to install some apps (not Synaptic)? normal user don't  
care and don't need to know anything about make install and terminal  
stuff. I study Computer Science, and I don't want to spend 30 minutes  
installing an app, maybe I want to learn how, just for learning, but  
I don't want to use it. Why I said that? I think that Ubuntu Artwork  
has the same problem. We are people making artwork for Ubuntu without  
clear statements, making Ubuntu distinctive, making Ubuntu look like  
coffee... look, I think that this can be facts to care about but we  
need to definitively create a good user interface FIRST, and then  
consider those facts. HCI is a science, if it were only art, why all  
OS's windows are grey colored?? why default wallpapers are blue or  
not a strong shade like red (255,0,0) or green (0,255,0)??

So I think that app HCI and Artwork must be together. In my opinion  
they must work together. I don't want to be pessimist, but in my  
opinion Ubuntu's goals are make a GNU/Linux distro for everybody and  
it seems that is just another colour of GNU/Linux palette. Again the  
same example, try to install a OS X app, just drag and drop. Try to  
install a package that's not in Synaptic, open terminal, sudo make...  
If we want people to use Ubuntu we have to make at least as simple as  
OS X. If we don't, user will choose another OS. The same with artwork  
(which, as I said before, I think that must be very close to app HCI  
design), people will choose the simplest and the most eye candy OS.

Finally, I'm agree about what Schoep says, but I go further and I  
extend the idea that we're not achieving initial goal to almost all  
development of the distro. I want to apologize again, I haven't  
improved english yet... sorry if I'm not clear. Merry christmas to  
everybody and happy new year!!

Sincerely, Álvaro.

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