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Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 13:48:39 GMT 2006

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Donn wrote:
> I am nobody from nowhere - but I have been lurking and thought I would add 
> that surely those emblems should be linked to the system locale in some way? 
> It's the only way that you will have icons that make sense in differing 
> cultures. Now, don't ask me how to do it, but it seems pointless trying to 
> design a "money" icon that doesn't confuse/insult/enrage/amuse someone else 
> in another locale...

I think you have perfectly hit the nail on the head.  When discussing
design, the first thing one must address is target audience.  Do we have
one for Ubuntu?  The simple question actually breeds many more
complicated issues.

- From "Creativity for Graphic Designers" ISBN 1-58180-055-X:
"Remember the Audience, in Spite of the Client.  [...] So ask yourself
if the design works from the point of view of the audience."

- From "Design Basics Index" ISBN 1-58180-501-2:
"Concept may be King (and Queen, and Czar, etc.), but AUDIENCE is the
force that governs over all.  When you get right down to it, we, as
designers, are not being hired merely to create pretty designs and
pictures.  Designers are hired to create visuals that effectively
deliver a specific message to a specific segment of the population
(a.k.a., the 'target' audience).  [...]  The thing that makes certain
designers _great_ is their ability to deliver well aimed messages that
are also conceptually and aesthetically beautiful. [..] _The needs and
tastes of the audience should lie at the root of any design solution.
Begin there and grow outward._"

Notice how defining our audience at the onset would alleviate many of
the issues that are raised as 'bugs' in Malone.  Even the corporate
operating systems have gotten this wrong.  Ubuntu is heading down the
proper track with locales, but it extends far further than mere language

1) Ubuntu needs to establish a mechanism to bind the design with the
2) Ubuntu needs a method to establish working memes for icons, etc., for
each locale.
3) Locales should be expanded to include particular subsets regarding
physically challenged individuals, as each general class of challenge
requires specific and particular needs.

It is a tremendous amount of work, but such is the nature of
contemporary operating systems.  An operating system should feel
_natural_ and completely immersive to the user utilizing it regardless
of their origin or physical needs.

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