[ubuntu-art] Human emblem icons proposal

Nacho de los Ríos nachodelosrios at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 11:45:33 GMT 2006

I had not given emblems too much attention, but now that I have I am firmly
convince that they leave A LOT to be desired.

The uniform shape, uniform size, featureless design does not make each stand
out easily among the others.

The featureless design makes the purpose of some REALLY obscure, and some
are REALLY ugly. In my opinion, the worst offenders are:

* PACKAGE: It looks like a shirt for a stick figure, or a pressure cooker or
whatever but a box.

* CERTIFIED: It looks like a clock showing 10:10. Here, the lack of color
makes the check mark undistinguishable.

* CVS: All CVS emblems look inescrutable, but the CVS-controlled emblem
looks TITILLATING, at lest to dirty minds such as mine.

* WEB: Lack of detail and an orange ocean don't make it stand out as a
planet earth.

* ART: Is it just me, or is it really unspeakably ugly? It also looks like a
comic book rocket avoiding an asteroid field

* PRESENTATION: What is Pacman doing there? Again the lack of colour hides
its purpose.

* GENERIC: What's the point of a "generic" emblem, to start with? A blank
orange circle would fit with the mood, though.

* DRAFT: Unfathomable

* PICTURES and PHOTOS: Photos is really not that bad, if people really still
use Polaroids. The emblem for "photos" sucks BAD. It could be ANYTHING.
Again, the lack of detail and the lack of color make it useless.

* PERSONAL: Is it a crossed-out person, or a person that is wearing a safety
belt? In any case, what does it have to do with "personal"

These orange disks really have to be redone. And while we're at it, let's
forget about supersimplification: it seems to require a special talent which
we have not been able to show so far, so we should better tend to more
explicit images.
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