[ubuntu-art] Human emblem icons proposal

kriekounet kriekounet at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 22:57:09 GMT 2006


With the last Ubuntu release, Human icons have been enhanced with new
emblems which are really nice. Unfortunately, the more I use them, the less
I enjoy them. The thing that annoy me is, they are not very colorful and are
all circular, which makes them all looking like each others. (see

So, I started to create my own replacement icon set. (see
proposed_emblems.png) It is composed of brand new icons I created by myself
(paintbrush with palette, shared, documents), and it is also composed of
adapted icons coming from Tango (web, package, music) and Human theme
(multimedia). This icon set is far from being complete at the moment, but a
plan to replace almost every emblem icons from the edgy human theme.

I am not a professional designer, I'm just working on my spare time to
enhance my desktop, and wanted to share my work with the community.

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