[ubuntu-art] Edgy Kubuntu coloring

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at bootsplash.org
Thu Aug 24 13:50:24 BST 2006

Hi Nathan,

On Thursday 24 August 2006 14:15, Nathan Eckenrode wrote:
> This is specifically addressed to Ken, as I believe that he is in charge of
> the Kubuntu art project. I am wondering about some artwork which comes
> within the KDE package, specifically all the splash screens within the
> applications that open up, like the ABout pages of Kmail, Aggregakor, Konqi
> and such.
> Are these all going to be purplized (violetated? mauved?)  for Edgy? If so
> what sort of progress has been made in this regard, as I would not like to
> repeat anyoneelse's work but am willing to make the changes to these items.

Yes, we would like to work on making this stuff purple-ish as well. I think 
that Brandon already mentioned this to you, but I thought I should answer as 
well :-)

> Furthermore, I have found all the top-right-$APPLICATION.png and have
> changed some of mine locally just to see, but this leaves 3/4 of the about
> page in the originial blue. Do the other changes happen within the HTML
> document that displays that page?

yes, the CSS needs to be edited as well.


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